When you start on a new way of eating you go through cravings for the things you used to be able to eat. This is quite normal, food is addictive and you have become accustomed to that way of eating. I am no different. I like pizza but only good pizza, I don’t really like the big chain pizza companies. I’ve been making home-made pizza for some time now but it was time to change the recipe so that it was GF and DF. Adapting the recipe to be GF was the easy part, but what about all that cheese that goes on top?  Replacing that stumped me for a little while then I remembered, one of the big chain companies puts egg on their pizza. What if I made an egg and coconut milk mixture for the top of my pizza?



1 packet of Laucke GF easy Bakers bread

I mixed this packet according to the instructions and found that it was a little wet so I just added coconut flour till it was at a right consistence to roll out.

1 packet of bread made 2 pizzas


Tomato Paste

Cut up vegetables of your choice

2 eggs whisked with an equal amount of coconut cream (this is for the replacement of cheese)


Roll out your dough and place on a pizza tray, spread on the tomato paste and add your toppings (not the egg mix yet).  Place your pizza in the oven and then pour the egg mix over the top.  Cook till golden brown.  You are now ready to eat your very own home made pizza.

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