4th December 2012


OK it’s been just over a month since my last hair challenge post and all is going well. I am using a bi-carb wash once a week to 10 days to get rid of the extra oil, and I am loving the results. I have tried using an apple cider vinegar to condition my hair as well but that just resulted in having oily hair within a couple of days. So in conclusion to my hair challenge, I will be sticking to washing my hair with bi-carb soda. My husband as mentioned in the last hair challenge post has also taken on the challenge and is finding it is working well. I will mention that he isn’t using bi-carb soda as a shampoo like myself he is just using water. Both of our hair is looking shinny, clean and healthy. I don’t think either of us will be reverting back to using commercially made hair products. I would love to hear your thoughts about the whole no poo challenge.


31st October 2012


Not much to report back about this week, everything is coming along nicely. I am noticing that my hair isn’t getting as oily as it had been. So I think my body is adapting to not using any harsh chemicals. I do want to announce though that I have a convert for the ‘no poo’ in my house. I haven’t pressured anyone to come on board with what I’m doing, but my husband thought he would give it a go and from what I can gather he likes it. Its only early days for him (2 weeks in) but all is going well. The next step is to see if our 3 girls would like to give it a try, not going to be holding my breath for this to happen, but maybe once they see how good my hair looks they might give it a crack. 🙂


24th October 2012


I have a little confession to make…. Just a little one, nothing big or bad……. I WASHED MY HAIR!!! Yep you read correctly I washed my hair but not with Shampoo which makes this only a little confession. I washed my hair with Bi – Carb soda and gee am I impressed with the results. My hair wasn’t moving forward in this challenge and it wasn’t going backwards either, I just needed something to get rid of the extra oil. While reading a lot of peoples blogs about the ‘no – poo’ a lot of them used Bi – carb soda as their shampoo and Apple cider vinegar as their conditioner. So last night of I went to the shower with 1 tablespoon of bi – carb in hand and washed my hair. Any excess oil is now gone. I have to admit that Bi – carb is the best shampoo that I have ever used, my hair still has a natural shine and isn’t all blow away ish. It also didn’t get knotty which is one of the best points about this challenge. I hate having knotty hair and it hurts when you brush it but since undertaking this challenge I haven’t been getting knotty hair which in turn would mean less breakage. Sounding like a win, win situation to me. 🙂


16th October 2012


Well the last 10 days have been a little stagnant for any moving forward of my hair status.  There have been no real improvements in the look and quality of my hair, which is a little flattening but on the bright side things haven’t gone backwards either 🙂 . I’m still washing my hair in warm water and massaging my scalp as I do.  I have read that it can take up to at least 6 weeks for your hair to adjust to not having chemicals washed over it every few days, so I will plug on with it and see where we end up after 6 weeks.  If any of you have any suggestions or have tried the No – Poo please leave your thought. Till next report in, take care.


6th October 2012

Well since my last post 6 days ago I’ve had the thought, am I doing the right thing, what do people think of me, and then a light bulb went off I DON’T CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK.  So since last post I have been washing (scrubbing) my hair with lukewarm water every second day, and brushing it every morning and every night (I use to do this part anyway). A few things that I have noticed this week is that my hair has way less knots in it than it use to get, that’s always a good  point because knots hurt. Another noticeable point is that part of my hair is starting to look and feel less oily. I really do recommend the washing your hair with lukewarm water every couple of days. This seems to wash away the excess oil and sweat and every time that I do it my hair seems to perform and feel better than ever before.


1st October 2012

Ok I’ve been thinking about doing a challenge of not using any hair products and today is the day that I will start. It’s been about 5 days since I last washed my hair and to be truthful I should have washed it yesterday, but since I was just relaxing around home I didn’t.  For the past month I’ve been only using a natural shampoo and no conditioner. The reason for using this natural shampoo is, I noticed that after using some brands of shampoo and conditioner my head would become really itchy.  On my search for a natural product with low chemicals and no wheat based products I found the one that I was using but the conditioner contained wheat products so I chose to just use the shampoo.  This is working just fine my hair isn’t getting to dry or to oily, which got me thinking could I use no product and have lovely looking hair. After a little research I decided that I reckon I could.  I’m going to use some of the knowledge in this article ( to get my hair challenge underway.  At the moment my hair is looking and feeling oily, so the first thing that I’m going to do after putting up this post is to go and have a shower and wash my hair with lukewarm water and give my scalp a real good rub and then rinse with cool water.