6th October 2012

Well since my last post 6 days ago I’ve had the thought, am I doing the right thing, what do people think of me, and then a light bulb went off I DON’T CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK.  So since last post I have been washing (scrubbing) my hair with lukewarm water every second day, and brushing it every morning and every night (I use to do this part anyway). A few things that I have noticed this week is that my hair has way less knots in it than it use to get, that’s always a good  point because knots hurt. Another noticeable point is that part of my hair is starting to look and feel less oily. I really do recommend the washing your hair with lukewarm water every couple of days. This seems to wash away the excess oil and sweat and every time that I do it my hair seems to perform and feel better than ever before.

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