Oh my have I been busy of late!!  A few weeks ago I purchased the BEST kitchen appliance ever. I’m so in love with my new purchase that I think I spend more time with it than my family (they do like sampling what I make with it though). I purchased a Thermomix, a little on the expensive side but for us it is well worth it. I did a few quick calculations and by just making my own coconut milk/cream and nothing else I would pay it off in 2 years. That’s not bad for a machine that is in the vicinity of $2000. We as a family go through around 6 to 7 400ml cans of coconut milk/cream a week so for us it is a wonderful purchase. We now also know what goes into our coconut milk/cream, before when we were buying cans you don’t really know what’s in it like BPA’s, thickeners and such, but now we do.  All that goes in is organic shredded coconut and water, no BPA’s, thickeners or chemicals. Another bonus to making my own coconut  milk/cream is the flavour and the extremely thick cream that sits on top is quite yummy.


Some of the delicious things that I have been making are soups, biscuits, cakes, steamed veg, steamed bread (my favorite at the moment) and tapenade.  Once I have some great recipes for these I will post them. But for now you are going to have to put up with some links to some of my favorite websites.




Coconut milk


The Spunky Coconut

The spunky coconut is my favorite website and she gives me the inspiration to do what I’m doing. You will find that a lot of the recipes that I post are similar to hers, this is because she has the best of everything and I just alter it a little to suite my pantry and tastes.

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  1. Hey, great to hear how much you love your Thermomix! There’s a reason for that… cuz it truly is amazing isn’t it?! And no, I do not sell them, just totally in love with it, as are you. Thanks so much for linking to my blog, btw — I can’t wait to see that coconut creations you come up with 😉

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