I have been having this huge craving for iced coffee, which is peculiar for me because before starting this diet I couldn’t even drink coffee due to really bad stomach cramps which would last a couple of hours. After going gluten and dairy free for about 2 months I thought I would give coffee a go and ‘wa lah’ no more cramps.

1 shot of nespresso coffee
Rice, Almond, Coconut milk

Combine the two ingredients and mix well. I then like to place it in the freezer for a couple of hours to get nice and icy. Mix well again (should look like a slushy) and then drink up. This is sooooo good.

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2 Responses to ICED COFFEE

  1. Dee says:

    Looking good my friend!! Thanks for introducing me to rice milk…..

    • Lucas Lifestyle says:

      Not a problem. Have a go at this I tried it the other day and am loving it. Add a teaspoon of Cocoa powder to the coffee and make it a mocha. Delish

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