I’m a real fan of hot chips but since going gluten and dairy free I’ve discovered that most chips aren’t what you would expect them to be. If you were like me you would think that a hot potato chip was made from just a potato. WRONG! Most hot chips also contain wheat. What they do is get the potato and mash it then they add flour to bulk it up then form these perfect looking chips. Tada!, we now have chips that contain gluten.  I was at a pub the other week and asked the lady taking my order what the chips were made of because I have  gluten intolerance’s and she answered in a ‘are you stupid lady’ kind of voice “they are made from potatoes” so I naturally asked if that was it and if she could talk to the chef to confirm what she had just told me. The lady was quite obliging and went and spoke to the chef and on her return apologized and confirmed that they also contained flour. This goes to show that you should always question what you are wanting to eat.


After this episode I decided to do a little research on the fast food chains in Australia and find out what on their menu is gluten free. I have put links at the bottom of the page for you so that you can look at their menu and ingredients in all their food for yourself and make your own decisions. I hope that this quick reference point helps you decide which chips you are going to eat next time you are out and about looking for a quick snack.


At the time of writing this article there wasn’t any information available on the internet for Chicken Treat you will have to contact them yourself.




1 Cup nuts

4 Cups water


You can use whatever nut you like, I use blanched almonds because after I have made my milk I then have almond meal to use in my baking. This would apply to whatever nut you were to use.

Soak you nut for at least 1 hour, I tend to soak mine overnight. By soaking the nuts you are removing the enzyme inhibiters and making them more digestible.


Rinse the nuts well and place them in the Thermomix with the fresh water.

Blend for 30 sec / speed 8 or 9.  Allow the milk to settle for about 1 min and repeat the process.

Pore your milk into a jug through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth to catch the meal this way you won’t have chunky milk and you also have meal to use in your baking.

Don’t have a Thermomix but you do have a good quality food processor. Just apply the same principles.



100g organic shredded coconut

1200g water


# Place all the ingredients into the Thermomix bowl and cook on 100 deg / 8 min / speed 4

# Blend for 30 sec / speed 8.

# Pour your mixture through a nut milk bag placed into jug to catch the coconut.

# Squeeze out all the liquid from the nut milk bag. You may find using a pair of clean kitchen gloves handy as the coconut is hot.


Place you coconut milk in the fridge to cool. I leave mine overnight and then scrape the coconut cream of the top.


For those who don’t have a Thermomix I’ve been thinking of a way that you can make your own coconut milk. I haven’t tried it myself so any feedback would be great.

I was thinking you could put the same amount of ingredients into a wok with a lid or a sauce pan with a lid and heat on your stove till it comes to the boil. Then carefully pour the mixture into your blender and blend. Hope this helps you out.